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Office of Strategic Services - China 1945
Forward (revised 7/29/2008):

The listed items relating to LT Raymond Hairston's wartime service in China are being
made public to aid researchers and to those who may simply have a casual interest in
OSS operations conducted during WW-II in southeastern China.

The two field reports provide details as seen by those who really faced the enemy.  They
were ordinary men who rose to the extraordinary demands of a world at war.  There was
the seemingly impossible task of fighting an enemy without a trained army while suffering
a severe shortage of everything needed to accomplish the mission.  They routinely faced
the risk of being killed in action, by privation, or by the vast difficult terrain in which they lived
and moved across.  If captured while wearing their Chinese uniforms, they had no
protective rights as provided by the Geneva Convention and could be summarily executed
as spies.  Even if they were in their proper military uniforms, it was not uncommon for the
Japanese to torture, flay, and behead their captives.

The handwritten list of prizes clearly illustrates the effort by either Team Camel or Elephant
to overcome the reluctance of Chinese Guerrillas to effectively engage, capture, and kill the
enemy.  The Nationalist Chinese wanted the Allies to give them warfighting equipment but
preferred to hold it for a future fight with the Chinese Communists in the north once the war
with Japan ended.  Holding an arsenal gave power and status to the warlord generals who
maintained dominion over conscript and peasant alike in the provinces they controlled.  
And finally, the Japanese were difficult to capture as they typically fought to the death.  The
prize system linked results to the attainment of "toys" and put a priority on capturing
Japanese soldiers for interrogation.

There are a mix of photographs that put a face on this incredible story of daring and bravery.
 A few are clearly identifiable while others need the help of others to identify the people and
to hone in on the place where the photos where taken.  
All dates shown are approximate.  
If you can add to the body of knowledge related to these items, please send an email to:

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