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Office of Strategic Services - China 1945
OSS Field Reports:

Team Camel
(2.67 MB) - The first report, Field Report to LTC Smith dated 13 May 1945 is a
reconstruction of an original document with editorial comment.  It covers the period 18
January 1945 when Team Camel departs Wukanghsien on their assigned mission until
they return to Chihkiang in early May.  Although no signature block is present, it was likely
prepared by 1LT James P. Fine who commanded the team with 2LT Raymond L. Hairston
as his second.  They were supported by Chinese-Malay radio operators "Chicago" and

Team Elephant (2.52 MB)  - The second report, American Guerilla Instruction Report by
CPT Walter C. Hanna dated 26 August 1945 details training provided to Chinese Guerrillas
and Team Elephant operations during the period 25 May 1945 until 17 August 1945.  1LT
Raymond Hairston joins the team on 26 July 1945 by  parachuting into their location.

Awards for Japs Killed or Wounded (284 KB)  - This is a handwritten list outlining an
Agreement Between Team Camel and the Chinese Civilian Army.  The prize system arose
due to  two problems.  First, the Chinese were reluctant to adequately engage the enemy in
a manner that produced reasonable results.  Second, the Japanese tended to fight to the
death rather than surrender.  The Chinese responded to this system of reward because
more than fighting the Japanese, they wanted the "toys".  They were rewarded for results
and given additional incentive to capture Japanese for interrogation.  
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