About the Priesmeyer - Hairston Clan Site
***Site under construction (7/29/2008)***

This site has been established as a repository of family history information regarding
Elouise Priesmeyer, Raymond Hairston, their ancestors, descendants, and close relatives.

Public information is accessible by clicking on one of the
Public tabs to the left.

Access to the
Users Section is intended to be primarily for family members and requires a
valid user name and password.  The
User Sign In link may be found at the top right corner
of this page.

To apply for access to the users section send an email to
webadmin@ph-clan.com and
include the following information.

  • Full Name
  • Street Address
  • Email Address
  • Daytime Telephone Number
  • Reason for Requested Access

An user name and password will be provided subject to review by the site administrator
and family members whose information is on the site.  Please understand that the intent is
to protect family members and others whose information may reside on this site.
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